PERFECTO. Is it perfect?

I've noticed that this curious short(or long) leather jacket has come to dominate a lot of models' wardrobes, then the world style. With a crisis in this year the decadence of grunge appeared in several shows and streetstyle.
More chic or more dark, varies from person to person.
Yeah, is PERFECTO.

Freja Beha Erichsen and Natasha Poly had the best outfit.
Freja was darker, Natasha equilibrated the toilette with a grey shirt and bag.
Two great styles, two charismatic

Karlie Kloss and Kate Lanphear.
Sweet and Grunge.

Katie Shillingford and Leandra Medine.
Blue hair and beige pants.
Both great styles.

Melanie Huynh with an amazing light brown dress.

5 comentários:

Ashley disse...

I love Freja's red lip. gorgeous.


Coco disse...

I couldn't live without my leather jacket. It goes with EVERYTHING.

Jowy disse...

I adore this dark style, love that its makin a comeback.

One Love,

Anónimo disse...

Leather jacket! Yeah, great!


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(always)alanna disse...

perfect is such an understatement. the jacket is KILLER