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it's sunday's morning and I'm feeling quite tired, but full of joy.

''I'm on the doorstep
With my key turned in the door
Walk in the living room
And you're sat on the floor
My heart is aching
And I've never felt this bad
I pinch myself
To check that all of this is real
Keep faking
I'm not letting on I feel this sad
And then you've got the cheek
To ask me how I feel''

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Electromanic disse...

I'm totally digging your blog. The picture of Blake is just gorgeous

(always)alanna disse...

caught the blake editorial in nylong mag
fabulous images!

Poli disse...

these pics are of "pics-which-everybody-love".. nevertheless they are so fu**ing hip!!!)))))

welcome 2 my blog!! i would be glad 2 see u there!

Poli disse...

these pic are sort of "pics-which-everybody-like")))
neverteless they are so fu**ing hip!!)

welcome to my blog http://fashion-wrapper.blogspot.com/! I will be glad to see u there)

The Poor Little Rich Girls disse...

Really like the mix of pictures.
Love, The poor Little Rich Girl's.x

Dirty Hair Halo disse...

It's fun looking at all the pretty pics you've posted. XO


Poli disse...

u mean u don't loke my selection of 2004 coats??( http://fashion-wrapper.blogspot.com/2009/11/it-is-remotedly-near-my-heart.html#comments

i do not have any definite style, i like to try on different styles - that's why i picked up so different outerwear)

Poli disse...

ohh) its ok, it was me, who get it wrong)))

hope you will keep on to visit my blog)

Miri disse...

Sparkley dress, yay!

Great photos =)

JOWY disse...


One Love,

the gorgeous disse...

adorable photos! I want that parisiene ;))

divine bunny disse...


Ashley disse...

Awesome photos!!!


a. disse...

grreat, i especially like no°3 & no°4.