endless house

I need my space.
to read, draw, listen.
I need some place that would be mine, not too modern, not too old, but something mine.
I want tons of books and trees.

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Maria Francisca disse...

E não queremos todos? *

Erica disse...

very neat pictures


...love Maegan disse...


Bianca and Isabella disse...

i just blogged about my happy space as well:)

Flavia disse...

haha nem por isso, nao sou muito friorenta, mas no dia a seguir é que foi pior, alias arranjei o casaco perfeito para dias frios (já o vou mostrar...)

também adoro ter o meu espaço e tenho montes e montes de livros no quarto (e pela casa) nem sei o que é que vou fazer quando me mudar... tenho uma "obsessao" por personalizar ao maximo tudo o que me aparece à frente lol

Tea with Edith disse...

I hear what you thinking.
I love when they do those reportage about peoples home in the countryside that are so beautiful and crammed with the most fantastic stuff.

Ashley disse...

I want a huge room in my house with a wall entirely built of bookshelves.


Eri disse...

Hi there,
Just came across your blog and it's really cool.

Please come and have a look at mine.

Hope to see you soon.


divine bunny disse...

if only m house looked like this.

i want all of the trees i can find and hold them in my hands.

Luxi disse...

I love your blog!


bravegrrl disse...

ohhh, i totally feel the same... and i love that room!


maria disse...

the first place would be perfect.