the 15th

today is my birthday,
and all I really want and need is

my own freedom,

my true best friends with who I share tears and laughter,

a nice and gigant breakfast,

feel the life at 100%,

play with my black cat right after waking up,

fly through the streets with the guys,

meet Paris,

feel the 'spark',

take pictures to every single bullshit that appears in front of me,

my family that I represent as the deep and immense ocean that always will extend their arms to me,

be some cool and real artist.

and without this I'm nothing.

14 comentários:

tanvi @ now craving disse...

Happy birthday!! I adore this post, I think my favorite is "feel the spark..." <3

PB+J disse...

happy birthday
this is beautiful, all the things i need as well.

■□□ lina disse...

congratulations! beautifully written.

Noir disse...

Happy birthday! I hope you can do today some of the things you say in the post (i say "some" because maybe it´s quite difficult the Paris thing today xD).

Enjoy your day :D

divine bunny disse...

happy happy to you!

hopefully you receive all of what you need.

answer to your q: GIF animation...just google!

mariel elisa disse...

ugh these are such beautiful photos. i want socks with clunky shoes and an ocean to swim in

Caroline disse...

Happy Birthday! Beautiful collection of photos and wonderful words. I hope you get all that you wish for!!


Kathi disse...

happy birthday! looove this post, my favourite is the ocean one. i'm so longing for summer to come...enjoy YOUR day!

ayana disse...

nice nice!!!!!I love your blog:)

amalie disse...

happy birthday! i love all of these wishes.

The Fancier disse...

Happy belated birthday!

e.and.d. disse...

these pictures are so artsy and amazing please check out my blog.. youd like it

sarathira sukiman disse...

happy belated birthday dearest! one's birthday should always like those above, expecially the family, friends, breakfast, and black cat part! :)

i found out your blog from my friend jehan, and i love it!

Poli disse...

happy birthday (even it already has passed) =) wish you all the best/ stay faboulous! i'm pesces too =)
I like the whole post, but especially those pic with the cat... It's my one of the biggests wish (yes, eveyth simple) to have a cat, better black one) =)