it's coming

I've been lost, I try not to be, but it's hard.

the vacations already start, I though it'll be good, but I just feel even more lonelier.

alone with 'grey's anatomy', books, photography and tons of tea and sweets.

i wish i could go to some coffee-bar spend some time, meet someone and be fine and happy. but I know that won't happen, so for now I just content myself with a travel to the supermarket.

maybe i take some interesting pictures by the way but, for that I've got to get lost first.

humm, I think my period is coming.

7 comentários:

Silvana Querido disse...

lol é possível

Estou por Lisboa de férias se precisares dessa tal saida para conheceres alguém novo e falares um pouco podes contar comigo ;)


Maria Francisca disse...

Vamos tomar um café as três, então.

Maria Tavares disse...

Adorei as fotos! Aquela polaroid é adoravel :D

Anónimo disse...

wow, great pics and grea words! Love this post!



Anónimo disse...

wow, grat pics and grat words... love this post!



Dylana Suarez disse...

Just came across your blog!

It is lovely! Very interesting!


the gorgeous disse...

mia sweety! i've been lost lately also.. and i've been watching grey's anatomy too, i love getting into that world!
you will find that someone sure.. be patient and try to enjoy the small things like going to the supermarket, reading a book, watching a good film.. blogging! OH! love your blog, you've got an amazing taste! :))