everybody has a second home

tomorrow I would like
 to be in the bath painting my nails with the friend,

wake up with a nice hair,

have a film-breakfast,

feel the sun arriving,

watch the world down myself,

read my books next to the window,

be confortable and sexy,

reflect with time and serenity,

dance to feel alive in the empty house,

go out pretty and simple to meet my friends.

to see if I can..

6 comentários:

Silvana Querido disse...

Os teus posts são tão lindos. Escreves coisas que combinadas com as imagens perfeitas que colocas torna-se em algo fantástico. Levitei agora :)

Beijinho e um santo fim de semana

Cara disse...

This is sooo cute! I love all the pictures and your cute little captions!

Cara from IFB

Daisy disse...

Lovely photos !!

Beni disse...

The photos with the comments/story is so cute!

Mandy disse...

I love the third photo, great post !!!

Luxi disse...

this is my favourite post I've seen on a blog in a long time. so beautiful and inspiring.