hey, how are you? my name is mia.

you wanted to know how my style is. well, more or less this.
hello, it's me!

this was on friday, I went fetch a chicken sandwich(my favourite!) to my lunch and I bought by the way may's Vogue and a moisturizing cream.

see you later guys.

8 comentários:

adelaide..like the city disse...

i definitely approve
you just look so naturally gorgeous
..and now im starving

Anja disse...

looking good :)

JOWY disse...

The vogue..cant live without!!

One Love,

Anónimo disse...

i like yout top!


Noir disse...

Cool style!! :P

the gorgeous disse...

loove your style, casual and cool! :)

Silvana Querido disse...

E a cara MIA? :)

ANN disse...

I love your boots, and chicken sandwiches haha