I like to sleep in the red couch in front of the yellow door

just because of these I would LOVE
to live in sydney.
c'amon this is so freaking cool.

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Silvana Querido disse...

Isso é para quando os filhos ou o marido dessa senhora (deixa-me fazer o filme) chegam a casa bêbados e não conseguem por a chave na fechadura sempre têm um lugar fofinho onde dormir.

Fotos by Mr Scott :)


a. disse...

i don't.
but you are right, they look good.


great pictures...the sartorialist is inspiration

Mandy disse...

I walk past both these places and many more like them, the area is very cool I have to agree.

Caroline disse...

I lived in Sydney for 6 months and YES... these porch couches are everywhere. But I don't find them cool to tell you the truth - they're pretty dirty actually, and who knows what's living in them! I immediately think bed bugs, or cockroaches. There are cockroaches everywhere and they come out at night. Even though these couches probably don't (ALL) have insects living in them, I still think it's gross. Anyway, they are cool photos though, and the Sart has captured a unique side to Sydney!!