yesterday I had my portuguese national exam. too easy, this crap contry just work for the statistics.
The day was stupidely big.

ate a big mac on expo with the sun, shopping the same shoes under the last post to rita gracias that loved them a lot and bought this fucking amazing blue polishnail.

then to the down-town and then to rita's house in marquês de pombal where we found a breathtaking bar in the middle of it with a lake. need to go there spend a afternoon. then, said good-bye to mommy(she's gone to guimarães), then cambridge exam and then my dad served us the dinner RAW. great, hum?

(all the pictures were taken by me. if you use them please link it)

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Sexto Sentido disse...

Adoro o verniz!

Silvana Querido disse...

oláá :)

Boa cor de unhas*