saturday and sunday. maybe also in HOLIDAYS.

maybe I could dress like this.
but just on weekends.
I don't want people get enough of it.

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Silvana Querido disse...

Sim hoje apetece-me passar o dia todo sem fazer nada, de pijama, dentro da cama e MATAR ALGUÉM!



Anónimo disse...

amazing pictures
I always look forwards to your posts.
love Poppy


Tzoulia Kadoglou disse...

you did a good job with your blog :)
i will visit u as soon as i can again.

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Tzoules K

Maria Francisca disse...

É o meu recente projecto, ahah. (Sou mesmo presunçosa.)
Já tenho a ideia e as personagens e as primeiras partes escritas. :)

LUU H. disse...

that model was gorgeous !

Yolanda Sotos disse...

wow, I'm loving these ones
kiss from Madrid!