Ricardo Dourado show.
on the front line Eduarda Abbondanza and Ana Salazar.
Aforest Design show.
fashion is the market. literally.
it's the second time I'm in LisbonFashionWeek and I loved it. again.
I just got invitations to Aforest Design but I went to Ricardo Dourado show because a guy asked me if I wanted to go in.
what a nice guy (thank you!).
I thought both show were excellent. Ricardo Dourado with elegance a vogue's touch and Aforest Design with teenage free and original spirit. no photos YET.
there's a lot of fantastic people. but the most still ordinary. however, I never forget the details. do you?

ps: sorry for the bad-quality and quantity...

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Freja Wewer Hjernøe disse...

I like the idea with the fruit thing.
I just came by your blog and i think it's very inspiring and actuallt quite cool, very nice. I'm def. a new follower.
Good Work.

^^ Take a look and follow me if you like.

johanna disse...

Lisbon Fashion week foi DEMAIS. Amei, estive la os 4 dias e estou exausta mas foram grandes desfiles. Adorei. Estou a seguir.te

Mariana disse...

Gostava de ter ido, parece ter sido giro!

Dylana Suarez disse...

This place looks really nice!

Just came across your blog!


Rosa&Carlotta disse...

I love your header! Who's that in the picture?

check out our fashion illustrations at http://www.illustrated-moodboard.com/ :)