award in the air

flavia from delicate cut gave me the award for Stylish Blogger Award. thanks a lot for that honey!

now, the rules:

1. thank and link back to the person that awarded you this award.
2. share 7 things about yourself.
3. award recently discovered great bloggers.
4. contact these bloggers and tell them about the award.

7 things about myself:
my style is mostly black and more black, it's my basic. I also like prints and vintage shirts. I rarely use skirts, I only have a red one, a maxi. I'm always with leggins or jeans. I love shirts with phrases and pictures. Lately I've been cutting and changing my old clothes. I've lost all of my rings so I only use necklaces and sometimes bracelets. on winter I'm always using scarves.
piercings and tattoos: none. I don't even have my ears pierced, I think I never will have. When I be eighteen I'll do a tattoo on my neck or behind my left ear in memory of my beloved grandparent, father of my mother.

education: both of my parents are connected to the Arts so classic music, photography, travels, exhibitions and books always were part of my world. I'm in the second year at one of the two art schools in Portugal, and next year I'll start my specialization: cinema.

character: ahahh, for what I know I'm very different from what I look like, people first think that I'm arrogant and bossy but then say that I'm friendly and that they could talk with me for days. When someone have something crazy or risky to do in mind, they ask me to join.

dreams: I don't think much about it, but what I want for my future is to be an indepent film director, have my close friends near by and have an ateliêr in Lisbon and another in Paris or Rome.

why do I blog: since I'm ten years old I blog. I shoot since my  three and I always liked photography (my dad was an avant-garde photographer) and writting so I blog to share my point of view of a world that I seen a lot of times from another peoples blogs. It's an hobbie that pleasures me tons.

what's currently going on my life: I finish school at almost a moth ago with high grades and I've been zapping between beach, cinema and friends. Today I went with some friends to a jazz concert on a garden, really cool. I'm trying to get a stage with a film producer, so... wish me luck!

and the nomineeeeees:
maria francisca from 7 dias por semana, mais um par de botas (7 days per week, more a pair of boots)
raben from bear ❤

3 comentários:

Flavia disse...

nice answers
eu adoro cinema, qual e o teu filme preferido? eu sei que é dificil de responder...
e adoro as minhas tartaruguinhas

Flavia disse...

também adoro cinema francês mas acho o italiano superior ao alemão (guilty!) e estou a descobrir o japonês (e a adorar)... devias tentar ver as curtas que eu pus, são geniais

Celia disse...

You've got a pretty interesting blog. I'll definitely check it out from now on :)
Enjoy your summer <3