bohemian tissue'dream

really, I never thought that nicole richie could design something so beautiful like this.

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ayana disse...

love this pictures!!!

the gorgeous disse...

soo true! this is awesome, love the fabrics! seems to be that kind of clothe you would wear and feel like wearing nothing.
great taste dear!

Silvana Querido disse...

Sim , realmente adoro a House of Harlow. Desde os acessórios à roupa. Esta menina que parece ter uma vida tão pesada, idealiza peças tão leves e tão delicadas.

No fundo, adoro o estilo bohemin chic no geral mas principalmente no Verão, claro.

Luxi disse...

this is beautiful <3 I love your blog, thank you for your words.


The Fancier disse...

I agree, I didn't think Nicole's pieces would be so nice but she has also done a really great job modeling and marketing it.
P.S. I saw you are from Lisbon. Was there this summer after Madeira, one of my best vacations ever. I just posted a photo of Estoril I took while there.

mimi sioux disse...

its by miss richie?? amazing..

Rebecca disse...

damnnn nicole what a shock

Flavia disse...

quando ela começou a desenhar joalharia é que se percebeu o seu talento, mas depois o estilo dela nem é nada de surpreendente por isso tambem fiquei espantada!

Sunniva disse...

I really want the last jacket!
Love seeing Vanessa Traina in Nicole Richie's designs
She looks great in them

FashionFollowed disse...

i'm really surprised, these are so gorgeous!