not just in your dreams

'cuzz sometimes I'm so naive and amused.

amazing found in divine bunny don't you think?

it's like the perfect grey jacket,
the coolest boyfriend's shirt,
the most amazing jean shirt I've ever seen,
the dreamin' set with the dreamin' polka dots tights.

damn, this is so me.


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love those thights & the grey jacket

/// fashionpics

Silvana Querido disse...

Boyfriend's jacket - check!
Boyfriend's shirt - check!
Polka dots tights - check!

Só fica mesmo a faltar essa jean shirt fantástica.

pien disse...

I really like your blog, cool pictures.

Sunniva disse...

I want all the clothes, so inspiring! x

Every Little Counts disse...

i know, i need those tights. pronto. <3

ayana disse...

cute and nice picture!!!i love your blog!!

ARANXA. disse...

a perfect list to a perfect wardrobe ;] love it!

the gorgeous disse...

gorgeous pic and outfit! want it all!

▲ Sophie ▲ disse...