I've been founding a lot of pictures with set points. like these. photographers

photography is an old passion.

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Marjorie disse...

gorgeous post! love these pictures :)
thanks for all the sweet comments at my blog!

Silvana Querido disse...

Sim uma paixão antiga que deixei ir .. I guess. No entanto não dispensava neste momento uma polaroid, acho altamente.

E o sol acompanha-nos hoje novamente =)

Sarah disse...

love these pictures, I bought my shoes at topshop in london!

Sabine disse...

Still love the old cameras, although digital is so convinient!

bijoubijou disse...

these pics are so cute and candid - love it



Miiicha disse...

Love the photos! Great blog.

|| M

Raquel disse...

eu amo tirar fotos..



I'm Heraid disse...

Ah I love cameras. I have a film one and just love vintage look of the prints. You have a lovely blog!

Anónimo disse...

nice!!and i love your blog!!!!

SomedayNewYorker disse...

Great photos. i love the first and third photos.