back from the end

sorry for this posting-break but I had a mini-vacations in Algarve and I didn't have time to prepare any post or to warn you, I arrived today after huge queues to Lisbon and for dinner I had an happy meal(my regress to an old and magic childhood with a cheeseburger and a crazy dragon).

well, enjoy the end of spring break.
In a week, work and school will start once again, and it won't be pretty. at least for me..crap.

ps: I missed you guys!

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Silvana Querido disse...

Por mim ficava sem fazer nada um anoooooo! Mas porém, tenho saudades das aulas. Incrível.

Animo girl ;)


Poli disse...

yee, i saw this shoot - it's stunning. the model is splendid.

adelaide..like the city disse...

these shots are amazingg


Agnes style disse...

thank you so much for your sweet comments=) late happy birthday too you too!! and yes the camera is great i love it after the first day. what's the name of your new camera?

Caroline disse...

these are really beautiful. I love this model.