design, build and photograph.

seriously, I'm daughter of an architect,
what did you expect?

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ZEUS disse...

Amazing! Your father/mother taught you well. I love the bathroom, such amazing use of space and I die for that Corb inspired door!

Agnes style disse...

Okay, I have actually heard that that camera should be great!

divine bunny disse...

This fascinates me. The wood panelling mixed with the green lush outdoors and white walling.

So natural. Also I can't believe I haven't linked u under my lovelies...it's happening today! Always have adored your site.


Silvana Querido disse...

Sorte a tua. Adoro Design. Aliás estou numa aula de Design neste momento :P

Adorei as imagens.


madu disse...

humm, how cool is that hein?

The Fancier disse...

I love this style of design!