tape me

(le petit soldat)

 I would like so see this one.
looks so français et fantastique!

chica it's going to borrow me 'mysterious skin', another amusing film.
yeah, I'm a film-girl.

my head is a mess, I really need to sleep...so I'm going to bed, and tomorrow I'll have to wake up really early because of my brother.

WELL, wednesday I'm going to visit my dream-art-school: António Arroio. and maybe see a friend... I'm so excited!
I'm thinking of getting this outfit to wednesday.
what do you think my dear friends?

6 comentários:

Noir disse...

wow, what a effortless beauty!

ANN disse...

That trailer is amazing, adding that movie to my to-watch list :)

Rachel Lynne disse...

These shots are great. I just love the combination of black and white photography and cigarettes, very timeless. I just did a similar photoshoot, have a look! :)


(under Mikey Blue Eyes)

rouli disse...

lovely blog!!!!!!!!

cool posts!!!!!!!

come visit me.....!



the gorgeous disse...

Gosh! She is absolutely amazing, love her hair, her style and the film seems to be wonderful! have to watch it!

P disse...

andei na antonio arroio :)
boa escola sem duvida. se bem q o espirito :/ anda a dar as ultimas.
gostasTe da escola?